Will Kotlin Become The Big Replacement Of Java For Android Developers?

Kotlin : The Most Trending Script Language

Android developers have been doing a great deal of work especially with website app development and mobile application development. Java has been the most preferred language in coding for Android apps, and it has been working exceptionally well for decades. Like all other technological advancements is there anything that can build over and above Java?

 Kotlin is the most trending and probably the next generation script language, a step ahead of Java. Developed by the minds of JetBrains, Kotlin is immersing as a great alternative to Java.

Android developers have taken heed of this changing trend and recognized the value of this incredibly smart programming language.

Features of Kotlin for Android developers

One of the biggest reasons that android developing companies are eying Kotlin is that Android studio 3.0 can fully support it. The easy compatibility and a list of features that Kotlin offers, has led many developers to take the big switch.

So without further ado let’s take a close look at these amazing features offered by Kotlin:

  1. Data Classes: It’s probably the best and most beautiful features of Kotlin that every Android developer would love to use. Unlike Java coders where you had to add series of strings and codes to form an entire POJO, the Kotlin offer a single line solution. Now this means that for developing a POJO all you need is a single line in Kotlin, and the rest is understood and done by Kotlin itself, in fact, the entire boilerplate code is done by the compiler in the Kotlin.
  2. Named arguments: Now what has been a hectic job for Java users till date, use of Kotlin has done the formidable job in a blink of an eye. Yes, named arguments where Android developers required to define various parameters or IDE’s, Kotlin can do the same coding in as simple as three steps. Codes in Kotlin are simple and cleaner.
  3. Java Interoperability: The best feature offered by Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. It’s such a cool feature which has attracted many Android app developers to learn this language. Kotlin is backward compatible to version 6 and 7 of  Java.
  4. Default parameters: Kotlin offers the ease and convenience of default parameters wherein you need to pass any argument by its name in place of Its index. This is a great feature that’s very helpful when any script has many optional parameters.
  5. Compliance with JS: Kotlin is JavaScript compliant, and this makes it even more exciting and intriguing for Android developers using Java language. The developers who are using the garbage collected-runtime will have significant advantage unisex the Kotlin.
  6. Null safety: It’s one of the most elegant features of Kotlin, that Makes it remarkably superior to Java. Unlike Java’s Billion Dollar Mistake that is the null reference perils that existed in the codes while accessing a null member reference, the Kotlin doesn’t complete to this invalid code at all.
  7. Lesser codes in Kotlin: This one surely deserves my respect, I mean where Java users had to write everything in the code, the Kotlin requires you to do much lesser writing. The Kotlin is designed to self-understand the entire code and its follow-ups by passing only minimum code requirements. It is undoubtedly productive and time-saving, probably one of many reasons why Android developers are taking the big switch.

Benefits of using Kotlin over Java

The jaw-dropping features of Kotlin as mentioned abound should have rung the bell for you already. But if you still doubt its future, let’s take a look at Kotlin benefits over Java:

  • The first and foremost benefit of using Kotlin over java is that requires way much minor coding. So lesser coding means lesser efforts, less time and of course less brainstorming. Not to forget cost-effectiveness regarding man-hours spends developing an android app.
  • Another benefit of using Kotlin is that its type-safety. You can compare it to the swift. That means each class present in Kotlin is named function and is provided free types. This benefit of Kotlin also helps in checking up for the safety of typing codes.
  • App development with Kotlin is comparatively much faster. Since there is less coding required, errors are considerably reduced, and app development is much more comfortable. This will take time in getting an app developed based on Kotlin.
  • One of the most significant benefits of Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. Now that means you can use Java codes in Kotlin.

Apart from the above mentioned amazing features, Kotlin offers a lot of ease and reduces interdependency on coding, extensions, and scripts. But when it comes to overtaking Java, developers have varied expressions. Keeping in mind the features and list of benefits that Kotlin provides, it also adds to the productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The developers are happy as they have to put in fewer efforts while clients are so glad to pay less. Still, you never know, technologies keep advancing, tools and languages get obsolete, and people move on to better things in the market. As far as Kotlin is concerned, the future seems excellent unless better ideas come up!


Kotlin : The Most Trending Script Language

Future of Kotlin in the market

For making new development (Android app development or mobile application) or adding new features to existing apps, Developers can efficiently use the switch, but when it comes to changing any current app from Java to entire Kotlin base, it might take time. So for the time being, eager Android developers are eying Kotlin for all the new projects they are handling and its effectiveness is proving worth the try. They and the users both are happy with such a futuristic language.

Coming back to JetBrains Kotlin, it’s getting great response from Google and mobile app development companies. The best part of using Kotlin apart from lesser coding is that it seldom crashes thanks to null pointer exception. Although at this point it may be very early to say that Kotlin will overthrow Java, it would be for good if it did so. It may take few years as Java has been all the android developers language for decades, but eventually, Kotlin is bound to rise and shine.

For all those interested in getting a new mobile app developed its time you hire a mobile app development company that facilitates and uses Kotlin for app development. Moreover, since it’s pretty new, you have to be very confident that your service provider knows and understands the language, good if it has experience in using Kotlin for android app development. One such company that I know can work effectively with Kotlin is Maxtra Technologies, but you sure need to reach them out with your requirement to see for yourself.

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    There is a high chance to get the biggest replacement for the Android development, is kotlin, as, with the help of Kotlin, you can get many advanced level features to use also.

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